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In 2017 because i always have that undying love for farming , we found a place  about a hectare with my young brother .We planted green beans with that much joy of growing maybe 2 hectares when we harvest .The problem started when we reached the market with our produce  .In Zimbabwe all the agricultural markets are controlled my middlemen , in short they are the guys who determine the price ,like in short they take produce at lower prices and sell at much more high prices so in short they reap off farmers .We sold our produce at a loss and it did kill me mentally so i told myself that we have to have a neutral market ,a place we can sell our produce without middleman ,a place we determine our prices  .

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Imarket Zimbabwe a part of Imani Universe is an agritech and fintech online digital food market. Just from a click of the button with imarket you can order anything. Imarket offers farmers with the ability and pride to sell their produce from their farms without visiting the traditional markets and also avoiding being duped by middleman. Through Imarket Invest Hub farmers get the opportunity to get collateral free funding through our crowd funding option. Imarket Zimbabwe is a B2B and B2C company. For B2B customers have the chance to get produce on credit through Imarket Pay. Even if the desired product is not available on the market they can make an order and the moment we get the product we deliver to them first. Imarket Zimbabwe is there to bridge the gap between farmers and vendors so that everyone gets a favourable share and also reducing expenses encountered by farmers. Imarket is there to add value of the produce through value addition which also reduces food wastages.

Our Mission And Goals

Our Mission is to be the desired one stop digital market in Zimbabwe offering quality, affordable, healthy products in a clean quality environment.

Our Goal is To offer affordable prices
To be the first centre stop for every household in Zimbabwe
To make sure that farmers are given fair money for their produce
To create a healthy lifestyle for all our customers
To put our customers, suppliers and shareholders first
To give back to the community

To limit food wastage through value addition




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